Mary Coronel

MARY CORONEL 1Praise the Lord for generously giving me the Pioneer Clinical Laboratory, Inc. as an integral health guardian, my “KABALIKAT SA KALUSUGAN”, ever since my younger days, in its neophyte stage to date… (Retired from government teaching service).

As far as I know, the founders of this prestigious institution-aside from being educationally/professionally qualified-always keep abreast of the modern trends, current methodologies, and latest technologies in the lab, conduct seminar-workshops for updates, and occasionally invite eloquent speakers, and respective consultants.

Looking at the lighter side of Lab Life, the annual mini-Olympics (Badminton Tournament and Team-building activities) in the departments/inter-departments are wholesome outlets; thus eliciting sportsmanship and camaraderie among the staff.

The conducive atmosphere in the Lab is greatly commendable…hygienic in all areas, everything meticulously/systematically arranged and placed, informative bulletin boards, meaningful yet festive decors by occasions and well-manicured gardens. Music, especially Christmas songs and sounds, sets the mood upon entrance to anywhere in the building. Pleasant smiles, heartfelt greetings, admirable courtesy are sincerely accorded by the smart staff to their clientele. Warm approach, open palms and helping hands are wholeheartedly extended to all-at all times-and also realized during occasions/anniversaries—via special offer of discounted blood chemistry and other lab exams.

Henceforth, this is an honest portrait of a portion of Pioneer Lab, I know with God’s bountiful grace and blessings, the Public is rest assured of its undying commitment, support and counsel in the medical field, highly motivated by its Mission and Vision.

CONGRATULATIONS… MABUHAY… and MORE POWER to all, especially to the organizers/administrators – the dedicated role models who truly LEAD and GUIDE… INSPIRE and HELP…