Vicenta D. Castillo

PIONEER CLINICAL LABORATORY AND MEDICAL CLINIC, INC. is a duly certified laboratory and medical clinic whose services as such are being offered. Its facilities are situated at PCLI Bldg., No. 1. P. Noble St., Barangay 10, Batangas City.

As the title of the clinic suggests, services rendered are not limited to laboratory examinations will be needing medical treatment or assistance, consultation as regards the results thereof can be done to a Medical Doctor easily accessible or available at the PIONEER CLINIC, thereby affording or providing prompt of immediate medical attention. Furthermore, other medical services, such as ultrasound, X-ray and ECG are also available at the PIONEER CLINIC, likewise at a “Most Reasonable Cost”.

Judging from its performance of the services offered for a long time, it is a well-known fact that in the Provinces, Pioneer Clinical Laboratory and Medical Clinic, Inc., has earned and distinguished itself as a duly certified. Auto-Tech Laboratory Dedicated to Humane and Accurate at the “Most Reasonable Cost”.

When I say PIONEER CLINIC has earned and distinguished itself as a laboratory and medical clinic, I would like to share my personal experiences which is not only improve my own health but likewise of the members of my family. As early as in the year 1994, while I was still engaged in a teaching profession I started utilizing the services, Both in its laboratory and medical aspect of the PIONEER CLINIC continuously up to the present including my mother Anita D. Librea, also my brother Benson D. Librea, wife Mina Cortes, sister Yolanda L,. Zuño and husband Rosendo Zuño, extending the services to their own respective families. In other words, for the efficient and good services being done and performed by the PIONEER LABORATORY and MEDICAL CLINIC, INC., they were left no other alternative but to likewise continue utilizing the laboratory and medical services being offered. Even my own husband, Romulo C. Castillo, who never missed his yearly Blood Chemistry Examination, Prostrate Ultrasound, ECG and X-Ray Examination at the PIONEER CLINIC. On its 18th Free Medical Mission Anniversary my husband Romulo won a special raffle prize having No. 18 from the list of more than 100 patients attending that day. This shows the incentive gesture on the part of the PIONEER CLINIC to all their clients and patients.

To express concisely, I now realize that improvement of one’s health are being accomplished and attained through proper monitoring of one’s state of health, thereby knowing at the earliest opportunity that state of health thus affording early diagnosis and the treatment, if need be. This is what PIONEER LABORATORY and MEDICAL CLINIC, INC., means to me which changed my attitude towards life.

Finally in view of the above I would like to call the attention of all to take advantage of the efficient laboratory and medical examination being offered by PIONEER LABORATORY and MEDICAL CLINIC INC., at “Most Reasonable Cost” affordable by all. They don’t just examine, they care.