PIONEER LAB is a healthcare service provider that caters not only to Filipinos but all races and nationalities who need medical care – THE PIONEER WAY. Specializes in both diagnostic and pre-employment medical solutions, offering a wide range of healthcare service-options. (local and international)
STANDARDIZATION, to ensure RELIABILITY is a key component of QUALITY performance.

Pioneer Lab invests in QUALITY. Since 2008, it “pioneered” quality standardization in Region IV, after having been recognized by DOH, many years in a row – “CERTIFIED WITH COMMENDATION”: highest citation awarded to a Laboratory & Medical Clinic by the Philippine Council on Healthcare Organizations, for its excellent compliance to QUALITY STANDARDS SYSTEM. At present, Pioneer Lab is an ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED, leveling up to ISO 9001:2015. ISO: International Organization for Standardization sets quality standards, objectively, observed globally.

Furtherance, our laboratory tests passed with “Excellence” in National External Quality Assurance Scheme (NEQAS). The annual participation of Pioneer Lab to parallel quality assurance audits, with its humbling “excellent ratings” is the foothold of our RELIABILITY.

Our QUALITY service is not just a status symbol, it’s an INTEGRITY gained.

We Don’t Just Examine, We Care!

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